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Goldendoodles of Niagara

And we call it "Puppy Love" ....
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            We are 25 days old here and are beginning to wean                                                               Here we are at 5 weeks old

  This is Socks and Rudy at 8 Weeks and waiting to be picked up                     This is Socks at Five Months Old

 This is Oakley and Nelson ...                                                                                                          Oakley at 14 Weeks                                               
Tawny at 6 Weeks                                                                                                                           Tawny at 2 years old.  (Much darker with age)
          Rudy at 8 weeks                                                                                                            Rudy is 2 years old
 Jazzy is now retired from our breeding program. 
Farley at 4 months old                                                                                                 Farley at 7 months old ... A Stunner!
Gustave at 5.5 Weeks                                                                                                                  Gustave at 5 months
             Arlie Beatty ..... looking adorable!                                                       This is Arlie Beatty at one year old ... how handsome!
Meet Otis                                                                                                                        This is Blue at 8 weeks
                    Sit and Stay puppies                                                                                                 We love our crate!                                                                                                                                                                                        
Bowie at 8 weeks                                                                                                             Bowie at 4 months old
Luna at 7 weeks                                                                                                     Luna at 1 year
Riley at 7 weeks                                                                                   Riley at 4 months    
Rusty at 6 weeks                                                                                                     Rusty at 4 months
Oakley at 6 weeks                                                                                                   Oakley at 6 months (This is his Grade 1 Graduation Picture from McCann's

                    Jessie at 7 Weeks                                                                                                Jessie at 4 months                                                                                                                   Jessie full grown

Poppy at 8 weeks                                                                                    Poppy at 4 months                                                                                                                                 Poppy full grown
Riley Johnson at 8 weeks                                                                    Riley Johnson at 4 months old
Blu at 8 Weeks                                                                                                               Blu at 13 Weeks
Teddy                                                                                                                                              Teddy is 1 year old