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Goldendoodles of Niagara

And we call it "Puppy Love" ....
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Maya had her first litter with Cornell on October 26, 2014.   They had 6 Chocolates and 2 Creams
Casper at 8 weeks                                                                                           Casper at 12 Weeks                                                           
Vegas at 12 Weeks                                                                                                                                   Vegas at 5 months
Henry at 8 weeks                                                                                    Henry at 10 months
Charlie Parker at 8 weeks                                                    Charlie Parker at 6 months
Jack at 8 weeks                                                                                              Jack at 10 months old
Sage at 8 weeks                                                                                      Sage at 12 weeks                                  
Gibson at 8 weeks                                                                                      Gibson at 6 months                                                               
Ferguson at 8 weeks