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Goldendoodles of Niagara

And we call it "Puppy Love" ....
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 There are a few spots left on the Cora and Pippa lists for Feb. 
Cora - F1 Red Goldendoodle - 50 pounds - (Carries for Chocolate)                                         Rico -  Red Parti Poodle - 50 pounds - (Possibly Carries for Chocolate!)
Cora is confirmed Pregnant!  She will be due to have her puppies on December 25, 2014.  They will be ready to go on Feb 19.  Click on the Cora tab to see her previous puppies! 
I am taking 2 more deposit on this Cora litter and it will be full!
Order of Deposits:
The Rivers Family -
The Bradley Family - Female
The Catenacci Family -
The Copithorne Family -
The Ottaway Family -
The Johnson Family -
Pippa - Red Standard Parti Poodle - 50 pounds                                                                                                                         Hunter - Red F1 Parti Factor Goldendoodle - 65 pounds
Pippa is confirmed pregnant.   Thelittle darlings are likely to be born on Jan 2. They should be ready to go on  Feb 27, 2015.  These are my best estimates at this point.  See the Pippa tab to see the beautiful litters that she has had with Hunter.
Order of Deposit:  I will be taking 1 more deposits on this list.
The Staios Family -
The Brenton Family - Female
The O'Sullivan Family - Male
The LaBatte Family -
The Harris Family -
The Ongaro Family -
The Monk Family - 
Chloe - Chocolate Standard Poodle - 52 pounds                                                                                                                            Kodak - F2 Chocolate Goldendoodle - 60 pounds
 Chloe will be breeding in Feb of 2015.   The puppies should be ready to go in June of 2015.  They have Rich Chocolate and can also produce Red.  See their previous litters on the Chloe Tab.   
Order of Deposits:   Taking 2 more deposit on this list.  
The Boughtflower Family -
The Adams Family -
The Merpaw Family -
The Edwards Family -
Khali - F1 Mini Goldendoodle - 22 pounds                                                                          Phoenix - Red Mini Poodle - 25 pounds
Khali and Phoenix will be breeding again for puppies ready to go in June of 2015.  These will be F1B Mini's.
Order of Deposits:  This list is now full
The Thibodeau Family -
The Willard Family -
The Summers Family -
The Razem Family -
The Maskery Family -
The Comeau Family -
Chelsea - F1 Miniature Goldendoodle - 28 pounds                                                         Phoenix - Miniature Poodle - 20 pounds
Chelsea and Phoenix will breed for puppies ready to go in June of 2015.  This will be Chelsea's last litter. (For sure this time... I need to see a Chelsea/Phoenix puppy!  They are going to be stunning!)
 Order of Deposit:   This list is now full :0)
The Kuttner Family -
The Ricci Family -
The Renfrew Family -
The Watters Family -
The Coleman Family -
The Carver Family -