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Goldendoodles of Niagara

And we call it "Puppy Love" ....
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Georgia - F1 English Mini Goldendoodle - 25 lbs                                                                                              Phoenix - Red Mini Poodle - 22 lbs
Georgia is in heat and was bred today, August 1, 2017.  Pregnancy test will be August 29.  Puppies should be born on October 3.  Picking day will be November 11 and they will go to their homes on November 25.    Check Georgia tab to see the beautiful F1B Mini's that Georgia and Phoenix have. 
Order of deposit: This litter is now full
The Mulli Family -
The West Family -
The Cobb Family -
The Sant Family -
The Reyn Family -  
Vanna - Choclate Parti Poodle - 56 pounds                                                                                                Zeke - F1 Miniature Golden Retriever - 55 pounds
Vanna will be breeding with Zeke in Nov of 2017. They should be ready to go around March/April of 2018.
 The puppies will be F1's in the 55 pound range.
Order of Deposit:
Breeders Choice - Female
The Bark Family -
The Simo Family -
Winnie - Apricot Parti Factored Poodle - 52 pounds (carries chocolate)                                           Hunter - F1 Red Parti Factored Goldendoodle - 65 pounds 
Winnie will be breeding in October.  Puppies will be ready to go in Feb or March of 2018.    They will be having F1b's
in the 60 pound range.   See the Winnie F1B Pups Tab to see their previous litter. 
Order of Deposit: This litter is now full
The Dugu Family -
The Tabo Family - Male
The Stan Family -
The Pete Family-
The Gagl Family -
The Bath Family - 
Maya - F1 Chocolate Goldendoodle - 73 lbs                                 Traxx - Chocolate Toy Poodle - 13 lbs
Maya and Traxx will be breeding in Fall/Winter of 2017.  Puppies should be ready to go in March/April of 2018.
Order of Deposit:  This litter is now full.
The Breeders Choice - Male   
The Gala Family-
The Kais Family -
The Tour Family -  
Dutchess - Chocolate Parti Poodle - 53 pounds                                                                                                  Kodak -  F2b Chocolate Goldendoodle - 69 lbs
 Dutchess and Kodak will be breeding in Nov 2017.  Puppies should be ready to go in early April of 2018.
They will have Chocolate and Chocolate Abstract puppies in the 60 pound range.  See the Dutchess Tab to view their previous stunning litters
Order of Deposit:   
The Mill Family -
The Bell Family -
The Dunc Family -
The Edwa Family -
The Walg Family -  
 Georgia/Phoenix Spring/Summer of 2018 - This is all the deposits I am taking until the next litter is born.
The Kais Family -
The Sobi Family -
The Pupo Family -
The Ford Family -
 Winnie/Hunter -  Fall/Winter of 2018
The Swar Family -