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Goldendoodles of Niagara

And we call it "Puppy Love" ....
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Pippa - Red Parti Poodle - 50 pounds                                                                   Hunter - F1 Red Parti Factored Goldendoodle - 68 pounds
Pippa will be breeding again on her next heat in the fall of 2016.  This will be her final litter.  See the Pippa Tab on the website to see the gorgeous puppies that she and Hunter make.   
Order of Deposit: This list is now full
The Breeders Choice -  Guardian Home  
The Musci Family -
The Stinson Family -
The Ziobakas Family -
The Ainscough Family -
The Charland Family -
Georgia - F1 English Mini Goldendoodle - 28 lbs                                                                        Phoenix - Red Mini Poodle - 22 lbs
This list if for Georgia's next litter.  Her current litter info is posted on the Available Puppies Tab.  This is also the list
in case Georgia has extra puppies in her current litter.  Georgia will be skipping her next heat and will be breeding again
for Fall of 2017.
Order of deposit: Taking 4 more deposits
The Mulligan/Treherne Family -
Vanna - Choclate Parti Poodle - 56 pounds                                                                                                Kodak - Chocolate F2 Goldendoodle - 69 pounds
Vanna will be breeding again around Feb of 2017.  Puppies should be ready to go in June of 2017.    
Order of Deposit: Taking 3 more deposits
The Duncan Family - Male
The Norman Family - Male
The Sidley-Watson Family - Male
The Kwiecien Family - Female
The John Family -                                
Winnie - Apricot Parti Factored Poodle - 52 pounds (carries chocolate)                                            Zeke - English Comfort Retriever - 60 pounds 
Winnie will be breeding with Zeke in Nov 2016.  They should be ready to go in March 2017.   These puppies will be F1's in the 55 pound range. 
Order of Deposit: Taking 4 more deposits
The Breeders Choice - Female
The Breeders Choice - Female
The Stanley/McNicoll Family - Male
Jazzy - Red Parti Factor Poodle - 55 lbs                       Hunter - Red F1 Parti Factor Goldendoodle - 70 lbs
Jazzy was bred October 23.  Puppies should be born around Dec 15.  Picking day will be Jan 28 and they will go to their homes on Family Day Long Week-end.    This will be her last litter.  This is my best guess at this point.
Order of Deposit:  This list is now full   
The Breeders Choice - Guardian Home 
The Foster/Billey Family -
The Birch Family -
The Shapero Family-
The Smeaton Family -   
Maya - F1 Chocolate Goldendoodle - 75 lbs                                 Traxx - Chocolate Toy Poodle - 13 lbs
Maya and Traxx will be breeding again in spring or fall of 2017, depending on when her heat comes.  Their current litter is on the Available puppies tab.   They will have gorgeous F1B's in the 45 pound range.
Order of Deposit: Taking 3 more deposits 
The Chopra Family
The Tomasovszky Family
The Keuhl Family
The Marshall Family   
 Below is the list for future litters:
Vanna and Kodak - Fall/Winter of 2017/18
The Mills Family
Dutchess and Kodak - Fall/Winter of 2017/2018
The Riopel Family