Puppy Imprinting Program

It can be a challenge to bring a new puppy home.  It takes time and patience.  If you need help with this task, I highly recommend the Puppy Imprinting Program.  Although most of the training and crating is started here with me, I highly recommend  "Confident Canines".  Lynda O'Neill is qualified and is our first choice for imprinting those great manners that we all need our puppies to have.  Here is her information:

Confident Canines:

"I Will Teach Your Puppy...All The Important Rules"

Do you need and easy transition to bring your new puppy home?  This is your perfect solution!

Confident Canines Puppy Imprinting Service brings to you an elite starter program for puppies 8-12 weeks of age.  You choose your puppy, enroll in my Puppy Imprinting Program and I will train your puppy, for you.   You chose your program length, anywhere from 1-8 weeks and then just think, you could bring home a puppy who is well on their way to being house and crate trained.  Is already practicing good manners and is learning all these important skills in a fun, safe, stimulating and nurturing environment!

I am a certified positive reinforcement dog trainer/behavior therapist and have been training families and dogs since 2003.  I love all breeds of dogs and puppies are my passion and my specialty!

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