September 4, 2011 ... 9 weeks old... (picture on the left)

Hi Diane, 

Well we LOVE Rooney, he is such a well behaved puppy who loves to play, and catches on so quickly! He already knows how to "sit" and does very well in his crate at night.

He usually goes in at about 10:30 and is in there until 6:30! When we went to the vet, he was so impressed at how good Rooney looked and commented on how well behaved of a puppy he was. He didn't move a muscle while the vet was checking him out. He also commented on the great food that you started him on.

We just got home from the cottage were we took him down to the beach. He loved the sand and the water! We can't wait to take him back next year.

I dont know what we ever did without Rooney- he is now such a big part of our lives, and we have to thank you for everything that you did for us while we patiently waited for him to come home. We know that it is your love of goldendoodles that got us the puppy we always wanted!


Talk Soon!


Caitlin & Sean.

Hi Diane,

Hope you're well.  Here is a pic of Obi (weighing in around 26 pounds).  He's about the happiest, friendliest dog I've ever met and he's become a total celebrity among my neighbors.  His training went and continues to go great!  What can I say, he's a star!!


Scott and Family 

Hi Diane,

Bella is doing very well here, she is such a happy and fun dog! 

Her training is going great, she is very eager to learn.  She uses the poochie bells and so far understands sit, down, come and is quickly learning leave it.  All our friends that visit comment on how smart, friendly and beautiful she is!

Thank you for Bella, we can't imagine her not in our lives.    She's such a cuddly little sweetheart!

Lori and Rob

July 21st, 2013 is the anniversary of when we brought our adorable puppy Riley home, I actually feel it is more significant than his actual first birthday back in May. I feel blessed that Riley came into our lives and we love this doodle so much! My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease four years ago and life was getting quite lonely for me. When my daughter's family brought home their beautiful Sadie from Chloe and Hunter's litter back in 2012 my husband would "light u...p". The whole family noticed the joy every time he saw Sadie. I thought a puppy of our own would be great therapy for both me (to have someone to talk to) and also for my husband. Riley has turned into a great companion and even though my husband can't always remember our puppies name, there is a great bond between them. I am telling this story in case anyone else knows of a person with AD who could be helped with some extra loving. Riley is the perfect pet for us and I thank Diane for breeding such wonderful doodles.


The Hughes Family

Hi Diane!

It's been a couple of months since we brought Biscuit home.  We thought we would share a few pictures.  He has absolutely changed our life in the best way.  He has the sweetest personality and is adjusting so well - his temperament is so loving.  He is playful and curious and we are just simply in love with him.  He is learning how to swim, he loves the car rides, he even likes going to the vet!!  (mostly because everyone there gushes over him - (there and anywhere else we take him! lol )  look at that face!!  He challenges us, that's for sure and he can be a little stinker sometimes but we wouldn't have it any other way.  

We are so grateful that he is ours.

All the best - Dave, Samantha and Biscuit

I want to Thankyou Diane for EVERYTHING that you did for us leading up to receiving Fionn from you!  From Day 1 there was no doubt  that you cared about these Puppies and the Homes that they would Bless.


From ALL of the questions you answered leading up to Brook (Fionn's Mom) becoming pregnant, to the information you gave us when Brook was in early stages of labor to the updates of each and everyone of the litter as they were born and then the first pics of Mom with Litter only hours old! You kept us "In the Loop" at all stages of this process!
To photo shoots of each of the puppies in the  litter during the time they were with you, to help us in choosing the pup that we would add to our family.  Not to mention the  Puppy Cam that we were able to watch, further helping in the decision making for us...I quickly became a puppy cam!
The process could not have been any smoother all Thanks to You!
Fionn has brought so much Joy and Love to our Family, He is Incredibly Smart, Ringing his Bells by the second week on his own  to let us know that he had to go out to go potty. We just finished Puppy Obedience Classes, and I have to say He was Top of the Class! I would catch the Dog Trainer (Who was not an overly smiley person)  Smiling as Fionn would do what was asked of him! 
My husband is the first to wake up in the morning and he let's Fionn out of his crate, Fionn immediately comes and gives me kisses to wake me up.  Not a bad way to wake up :)
Our daily walks are like mini adventures, we are always trying out new trails to walk living in Northwestern Ontario, I can't believe what I have discovered, seeing the world through Fionn's eyes.  (Looking forward to Cross Country Skiing this Winter with Fionn and then next Summer it will be all about introducing Fionn to  the Lakes that surround us) 
The Donohue Family

Hi Diane:

We just wanted to thank you for such a great experience in picking our first dog.
Arlie has become such a big part of our lives, she is very cuddly and friendly to everyone she meets. She has learned lots of commands including sit stay come lay down and is very well behaved. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, especially kids who thinks she looks like a real teddy bear :)
We have been making lots of trips to our family cottage, where she loves to hike, and spend time in the water chasing sticks. 
Please enjoy the pictures we have attached of her growing up thanks again!
Mary and Nick

Hi Diane.   Wanted to send you the latest picture of Cooper and give you a quick update on his status.

Day Two at home - Brenda took him to the vet and they absolutely loved him.  He got top marks for his health and they complimented the breeder for his care.   He has almost mastered ringing the bells when he wants to go outside to pee, although he's used it once or twice to get us to take him outside to play.  He ate all his food and was generally wonderful.  Last night, he was much better inside the crate and only called to go outside at 4am.   .

Day Three -   I've been in my office all morning and he loves to sit with me and keep me company.   Today will be even better as he gets better and better acquainted with his new surroundings and family.   I've got all weekend to stay with him and play.

We love this dog Diane.   He is bringing so much joy to our family.   Thanks for the fantastic job you do at caring for them until they arrive in their new homes.

I will keep you posted on Cooper's development, and I will touch base with you if I have any questions along the way.



Frank & Brenda

Hi Diane!
Thought it was about time that we update you on Fozzie. At 4.5 months, our big boy weighs 34 lbs!!  He is the friendliest and most excitable fella. He loves all people and fact if they ignore him while we are walking he cries about it. He is very smart and does challenge us on and off :)  We are attending puppy class weekly which he LOVES and we try to set up regular puppy play dates with Stella his half sister! We thank you so much for making it all possible!! We like to refer to our life with him as The Wonderful World of FOz!!
Take care,
Lisa and Les Carr


We are so happy with Wiser. All your training words of wisdom are ringing true. We often refer back to your website for help. We really appreciate all the puppy visits and your very professional manner. 

Wiser is growing very quickly and is the neighbourhood favourite. Wiser is getting tons of attention from everybody and he's a real social butterfly. Wiser seems to get the most attention from (yes you were right Diane) Patti. Patti who was skeptical at first about a puppy refers to Wiser as her baby. Geeeesh.

Thanks for everything Diane. 

PS....I think I could have gotten away with getting two puppies.


Doug and Patti Croft and Family

Hi Diane:

Quincy is a great addition to our family. He was ringing his poochie bells the first week he was home. He loves playing with the kids and they enjoy the snuggles on the couch. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts  for guiding us and raising beautiful dogs. Quincy is perfect for our family.

Thank you! 
The Alexander Family 

Hi Diane:

Hope all is well with you. Richard and I wanted to drop a note to update you on the "life and times" with our sweet Ava.
What a wonderful addition to our family! She mastered the "potty bells" in her first week here. She has graduated from 
"puppy" obedience at the top of her class. The instructor loved to use Ava for demonstrations. They encouraged
us to continue challenging her. She easily mastered sit, down, drop it, leave it and "relax" (roll on her back). She will go 
on to do the next level in July. Her coat is impressive - long and soft - she loves to be brushed. Our 6 year old bichon
Mac has become her best buddy, however, she has many doggie friends in the neighbourhood.
Thank-you Diane for all you do to develop beautiful, intelligent and well balanced companions!


Ann and Richard



Ps: I have enclosed a few photos of our girl...

Dear Diane:
What a year we've have had. Since the moment I made my deposit 
on my doodle I've been on this beautiful G.O.N (Goldendoodles of Niagara) ride!
You've been so helpful and supportive and informative. Each step of the way from the
imagining, to the conception, to the birth to the puppycam views, to the visits to the 
choosing to now and continuing through puppyhood has been magical. This 
little precious has brought so much love and fun to us. I highly recommend 
GON to anyone looking for a beautiful, healthy, well planned and well loved 
puppy. I respect and admire all that goes into your creations. You give 
knowledgable experienced advice. I love the community support too.

Theresa Wright

Hi Diane,
 Socks is doing wonderfully and we have all fallen in love with him. He seems to have adjusted to our home and to us, and he is simply a loving, playful, sweet, cuddly, and endearing ball of soft fur! He is pretty much house-trained and he has learned many obedience commands – we can’t believe how quickly he catches on! He LOVES the outdoors including playing in the back yard, going to the park, and going for walks.
Thanks Diane for providing such a great environment and wonderful doggie parents to produce these amazing puppies!


Just wanted to let you know how great Brissie is doing. She is using her Poochie Bells and loves going for walks on her leash. 

Everywhere we go people want to know what kind of dog she is and think she's the cutest little thing around! We have to agree!

Thanks for everything you've done, Brissie has brought a new energy to our house that we love.

All the best,

Faye and Andrew

We call him our little tub :)  He's great!  He is house trained at 10 weeks. The little bum rings the bells to potty, but also likes to ring the bells just to play outside too, haha!!  He loves to be with us, and I've brought him to work a few times now. Everyone who meets him just falls in love.  We absolutely adore him, and are so happy with the newest member of our family!

The Van Kleef family :)


Hi Diane!     May 18, 2013 - Six months old

Just wanted to give you a little update on pretty much the best dog in the world, Rudy.   I've never known a more snuggly and trusting dog.  He would stay snuggled on me for hours if he could!  He is such a good boy and is ALWAYS at my feet, if he's this calm and smart and patient as a pup I can't even imagine what he will be like as an adult!  He sits, lies down and comes when he's called.  Amazing...he is scheduled for neutering on June 3rd :-)


Rhonda and family

We wanted to send you an update on how our boy Gary is! He is doing great!! He is sweet, playful, and has the funniest personality we have ever seen in a dog! We love him to bits and are so thankful he picked us! Our families and friends adore him (but its hard not to)! We cannot thank you enough for our boy! We can't believe it has been a year since we put a deposit on him. From all your emails and updates to inviting us to observe our Doodle on the webcam, you have made this process that much better. It feels like we have known Gary since the day he was born which is very special. We have had many people ask where we got Gary and we love being able to say he is a 'Goldendoodle of Niagara' pup! Again we cannot thank you enough Diane for our buddy, Gary! 

Brittany, Justin, and Gary - 2015

Good Afternoon Diane,

Just wanted to give you an update on Zoe. She has been a great addition to the family and is loved by everyone. She made the passing of Budd, my other Golden Doodle an easier transition. She is extremely intelligent and very loving. She has been very easy to train and all people love her and can't believe how obedient she was from an early age. She loves the water and just being around people.

Thanks Again Diane

Dominic Furgiuele

I just have to say from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for Justice.  I don’t think I have met a more sweet and lovable dog.  We just love him so much.  He’s very smart too and such a quick learner.  He graduates from Level 2 training tomorrow night and we will be continuing on with the next level.  He and my son, Noah, are as thick as thieves. Before Justice, Noah would want to stay at the hockey arena for hours watching his friend’s games, now as soon as his game is over he can’t get home quick enough to play with Justice.  Justice seems to be athletic himself and loves to play soccer.  Justice will kick the soccer ball and chase after it.  It’s very cute.  Justice has made a lot of friends on our walks but tends to like the quieter, older labs and goldens the best. 


Hi Diane,

Here is a picture of Rupert at 10-11 weeks old. Hard to believe how fast he is growing! He is about 13.8 lbs now at exactly 3 months old. He has adapted well to the crate training and usually sleeps through the night from about 10 pm to 5:30 - 6:30 am. He is full of energy and lots of fun to be around. The neighbourhood kids all love him and he plays well. He's a big hit everywhere we take him and is very happy to meet strangers and other dogs.

Things are going great and thanks so much for being a great breeder.

Mike & Danielle - Newfoundland

Hi Diane,


I hope you and your family are well.  As Dusty turned one yesterday, we wanted to share how handsome he is with you.   

He is doing great and loves life to the fullest.  Every morning after Paul or I take him out, he runs into Allie’s bedroom, puts two paws on her bed and covers her in kisses, his tail wagging like crazy!  He LOVED the winter and often just plopped down in a mound of snow to relax (after frantically looking for his ball that he kept losing in it).  He plays with only “Dusty’s toys” and doesn’t take any shoes or toys left around our house.  As soon as we come home, he runs and gets one of his toys to bring us and then drops down and rolls over for a tummy rub (yes, he’s spoiled that way).

However, the funniest thing he does, is every time we take out our central vacuum, he quickly lays down and waits for us to vacuum him – he loves it.


All in all, he is the sweetest dog and we love him so much!


Romy, Paul and Allie Burns

Hi Diane!
Lucky is wonderful - and growing like a weed. He's settled in really well. We've started puppy classes with him and he's picking things up quickly.
He is super-cuddly and loves to be close. For the first few weeks, Sydney had a permanent attachment to her lap. Even now, if you stop in one place too long, he'll lay down on your feet. He's lots of fun and everyone loves him!   I've attached a few pictures.

Hello Diane,
I just had to let you know that Tawny is a wonderful dog. She started to sleep quitely in her crate in the kitchen after the 3rd night.   Now at 11 weeks she is ringing the bells to go outside and she loves to be trained. She will come, sit, stay, down and heel with a sit when I stop walking. As the weather is improving, I am working on the same commands outside in the backyard and even with many distractions she is doing really well.
Tawny was really worth the wait. Thank you so much for raising such a terrific puppy. My Niagara Goldendoodle is awesome!

Hi there Diane,

Ava is an absolute sweetheart. We had her fixed a couple of weeks ago and she was a champ. I felt so badly for her. She is absolutely wonderful and we love her a lot.  

Hope all is well. 


PS. I think you will be getting a lot of inquiries from Toronto Beaches area. We can't walk 50 metres without someone stopping us and admiring our sweet pup. 

Hi Diane:
We absolutely adore our new addition to the family! Mathie is sweet, smart, playful and beloved by all who meet her.
She has the sweetest temperment and gentlest eyes, and she is often complimented on these two features even by total strangers!
She learned quickly to use her doorbells and was potty trained within a few weeks of coming home with us.
She also loves to play with other dogs and is super social. Spending the first 8 weeks in your home with her littermates and the rest of the "pack" gave her the best upbringing one could ask for!
Thank you Diane for all of your hard work - we have a beautiful dog with a great personality as a result of it!

Joanna and Jason

Hi Diane!

Here are some pics of Stella over the weeks! 

She is a quick learner, listens very well and is a very sociable puppy.

We could not be happier!


Christina and Mike


Update:  Feb 2013


Hi Diane


Hope all is well! We just wanted to give you an update on Stella. She is the cutest, most well-behaved puppy! Everyone thinks her demeanor is incredible! She loves running around with our neighbours' dogs and chasing sticks. She is also an awesome cuddler!


 Christina and Mike

Hi Diane!

Here are some pics of Stella over the weeks! 

She is a quick learner, listens very well and is a very sociable puppy.

We could not be happier!


Christina and Mike


Update:  Feb 2013


Hi Diane


Hope all is well! We just wanted to give you an update on Stella. She is the cutest, most well-behaved puppy! Everyone thinks her demeanor is incredible! She loves running around with our neighbours' dogs and chasing sticks. She is also an awesome cuddler!


 Christina and Mike

Hi Diane,

She is SUCH a snuggly puppy. She has adjusted very nicely to her new home. The crate is in our kitchen.  She rings the bell fairly consistently to let us know she need to go outside, and she does love her crate! In fact, she is sleeping in it right now as I'm typing this at the kitchen table. She is sleeping from about 11ish until 5:30/45 in the morning.

Ottoline will often go to her crate to sleep on her own, which is why we keep the door open at all times.

She eats most of her food (not as much in the morning meal) for the day and gets very small (fingernail size) treats for potty. Madeline is absolutely in LOVE with her and is very good with her. We of course had her to the vet on the Monday after we got her...all is fine (fecal specimen came back fine). She will return August 24th in the morning for her shots. Everyone who has met Ottoline loves her!

She already is such a lovely addition to our family.



Hello Diane

Andrew, Seamus and I send a huge hello! It's our little loves first birthday today! 
We can't thank you enough for the joy you have brought to our lives with little Seamus! He is the most wonderful pup we could have ever hoped for. We don't think it is possible to have a dog with a better temperament, He is brilliant! Seamus is so happy he bounces everywhere and seems to be smiling all the time!!

We can't thank you enough for your direction and knowledge about Seamus being right for us. He's a perfect fit for us. He's a well travelled pup in his short 12 month life...he goes with the flow, loves the car and any trace of shyness have totally disappeared:) He goes to work everyday with Andrew and takes great pride in looking after everyone. He is adored by all!! He has been a joy to train and we love his cuddles. He's fabulous with children, all dogs and very sensitive to anyone who needs a gentle approach. 

We hope you're well and we hope you have a wonderful 2013!

Fondly, Monica and Andrew 

Thought I'd let you know how Doug is making out. He is doing really well! He goes out to his spot and almost always does his business on command. When he comes back in he sits and has learned to stay sitting for his treat. Monday (day 4 wih us) I took him out for a pee while I was getting dinner ready and he stopped at the front steps and looked up at me. I brought him back over to his toileting spot and he went poo-so smart!!  The vet was impressed with him too!

He was up in the night to pee the first three nights (just once) and went right back to sleep in his crate. The last 4 nights he has slept right through until 5:30 am.  The kids love playing with him, as do I. He loves his toys. A friend visited yesterday and brought him new toys which he promptly put into his crate-a good sign I think!

Thanks so much for starting Doug off on the right foot. He is calm puppy and a wonderful addition to our family.
Second Report at 5 months old ... good boy Doug!
Doug is doing very well. He is almost through Grade 1 at McCann's and is so smart. He is fully house trained. He has the best personality. People constantly comment on how gentle and calm he is. We had a gathering a couple of weeks ago and he did not jump up on people. In fact he fell asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor while 12 adults conversed loudly around him.
We had him neutered in October and that went smoothly. He was a bit clingy that night then back to himself the next day.
He is great with the kids. Kate (our almost nine yr old) is the best at disciplining him-he listens to her as well as he does to Kevin and I. He is so happy to see them all in the morning and after school.
We can't thank you enough for giving us such an awesome buddy.
Karen and Kevin Schattauer

OMGoodness Diane - She is absolutely adorable and growing like a weed! She is now 22 + pounds. 

Everyone we meet thinks she is so cute and they are impressed with how well she behaves. Of course she is super smart - sits, goes down, stays, comes, leaves it, drops it, rings the bells to go out and is now a great little walker :). She does very well in her crate over night ( never a peep ) and when I leave her during the day she also loves her crate in the kitchen ... She is sleeping there now :).

She LOVES the snow and to run and fetch and we can't wait to have her spend time at our cottage.

She has had all of her shots (rabies included) and is booked to be fixed at the end of March. Her first groomer visit is next week but I have been trimming her nails and brushing her and she is very good with me.  

We are so very pleased we made the decision to go with Pippa's litter and had the good fortune of getting our first choice. We wouldn't trade her for the world and are so in love.

Cheers Nancy

TUX – is doing AMAZING… we all love him to pieces!!  He is such a smart young fellow, loyal, friendly, and such a CUTIE!!   He has been really easy to train, learning the bells regularly after a week!!   He is such a character and has settled in quite nicely!!   He just wants to see every dog and every person on our walks, very social and excitable!    He is so strong and has great balance!! He went down big steps and jumped off the deck at 9 weeks with only one face plant and just kept trying. We feel like he’s much older than he is just by what he is able to do already!   We have taken him everywhere we go  - been to softball games, garage sale all day, hockey rink, hot tub, and 3 hour car ride back home to Leamington for Thanksgiving.   During all of these new experiences, he was such an ANGEL and adapted very well with NO barking or shying away.  He absolutely LOVES the outdoors and can stay out there all day!  We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us and for Tux…… His temperament and easy training is a testament to how well you raise your puppies and moms and dads!!


From all the Lehns -  TUX was well worth the wait!!  


Scotch has been a sweet little puppy from the moment we picked him up. He adjusted very quickly and made our home his own. Potty training didn't take long at all and now he uses his bells to go outside every time. He sleeps through the night from about 10pm-7am everyday. At 12 weeks he knew his commands like: sit, stay, down - little smarty pants. We are absolutely in love with Scotch, he is the best puppy we could have ever asked for! Thank you!!

I'll send more pictures as he grows. We tried to take a picture of Scotch and his sister Lucy in puppy school but we couldn't get them to sit still together. Next time!

Monika and Chris Sims




Its hard to believe that Bailey is already 1 year old.


She is everything we could have hoped for, such an amazing family dog, so loyal and loving. She loves her walks on the beach and she is quite the celebrity there, everybody stops to meet her and compliments us on her temperament and cuteness. She's just a delight! We waited a long time to get a puppy from you and it was SO worth it! We love her to bits!

The Wanzel Family. 

Hi Diane
This is Hogan when he had just turned 4 months. 
He’s just a lovely pup!
He into his crate in our bedroom the first night without a whimper, and continues to go in happily each night, now staying in there from about 10:30 to 6:30 a.m. Very efficient at “doing his business” and hasn’t had an accident in ages. Just goes to the door and gives a polite little sound to let us know he needs to go.
He’s also good going into his larger crate in the kitchen, but luckily one of us is home most days, and he is always happy to curl up beside us and chew something.
As you had predicted from the start, Hogan is laid back and friendly. He knows all the basic commands and walks well on leash unless he sees a child; loves children! Haven’t seen an aggressive or mean bone in his beautiful reddish body! He is now close to 14 pounds and likes his TLC diet. Probably end up in the 25-30 pound range.
Thanks Diane for your care with breeding and nurturing these dogs. Ours is a wonderful little guy, and we have fallen in love with him, a feeling which it appears he reciprocates!
Best to you and your family, human and canine.
Nancy H.

Hi Diane:
Hope all is well with you. Richard and I wanted to drop a note to update you on the "life and times" with our sweet Ava.
What a wonderful addition to our family! She mastered the "potty bells" in her first week here. She has graduated from 
"puppy" obedience at the top of her class. The instructor loved to use Ava for demonstrations. They encouraged
us to continue challenging her. She easily mastered sit, down, drop it, leave it and "relax" (roll on her back). She will go 
on to do the next level in July. Her coat is impressive - long and soft - she loves to be brushed. Our 6 year old bichon
Mac has become her best buddy, however, she has many doggie friends in the neighbourhood.
Thank-you Diane for all you do to develop beautiful, intelligent and well balanced companions!


Ann and Richard

Hi Diane,

Riley is doing really well and has grown considerably! I can't believe she's already four months old and weighs 15lbs. I've attached a picture I just took today. She is perhaps the most friendly dog on the planet and really seems put out when people don't stop to "ooh and ah" at her cuteness.
She was house-trained in no time and already knows quite a few commands.  We've enrolled in a dog training course and are learning lots of the do's and don'ts which will hopefully make us better owners. She's been a great addition to the family and the girls couldn't be happier!

John and the Girls

Hi Diane,
Gotta tell you ...Youppi is awesome! Hard to believe it has been almost a year in the making, but he was worth the wait. He has been such a good boy. He knows his name and even the command "come".
The kids love to play with him and he loves the kids. It was good that they were able to spend the past week at home with him before starting school on Tuesday.
Youppi likes his crate, he goes in every night on his own between 9:00pm-9:30pm and we don't hear a peep from him all night (knock on wood). He is happy to see me at 7:00am and we go outside for our morning rituals. I come home at lunch to see him and he even goes back in the crate with no problem.
We were at the Pelham Vet on Tuesday (thanks again for that advice) and everything is good, he had even gained 0.1kg.
Thanks for all you've done for us, for your puppy's and especially Youppi!
The Morris'

Hello Diane!

I now get why people want to send you updates about their puppy that they got from you. Truly MoJo is just too cute.
He has only had one accident and we caught in pretty much in time. And like others have said he gets the bell method. We think (we know) he rang the bell 2 different times and as soon as we get him outside he pees! He is just too smart. I also think, with all the love and patience you gave to the puppies along with Sadie, it made this litter really sweet and special.
Btw... I don't think he needed the laundry basket to get back to North Bay, as he was much happier to lay beside Rachel than to be in it.
Again thanks for everything and of course chat again soon  ... Heather

We are having so much fun with him. He loves running around the large fenced in yard. Paul mowed the lawn and he stayed right beside him the whole time. He goes in his kennel without any issue and we can even leave the gate open and he won't come out until called.  He is our dream dog!
The Gerriors

Hi Diane!


We just wanted to give you an update on our little(ish) Oakley!! He is such a special guy, he is so smart and just loves going for rides in the jeep! He is such a cuddler and loves our whole family - especially my sister's goldendoodle Rosie - they are best friends. So many people stop us to meet him, he is a superstar! We can see Jazzy and Hunter in him so much, he definitely has his mom's adorable mouth/nose and his dad's great hair! He is just a sweetheart. We love him so much and could not be happier. Thank you for all that you do and for breeding such wonderful dogs.


Christie and Seb

May 2013


Hi Diane

I've been meaning to e-mail you for weeks!

We can't remember days without Tricksy - what a wonderful addition to our family she has been.

She loves the beach. Especially the sand. This is her sitting on her favorite ottoman in our media room.

She's 8 pounds now.

She is amazing!!

Thank you


Hi Diane,

Just wanted to send you an update on our not so little Harvey! He just started Puppy school about 2 weeks ago and the trainer couldn't get over how smart he is for just over 3 months! She said he is by far the smartest puppy in the class and the smartest puppy she has taught in a long time! He is the youngest (the ages in the class range from 3 months-4 years old) and still the smartest! I can't say that I'm not surprised...he is a smarty pants! He already knows how to sit, laydown, heel, come and knows the commands "leave it" and "drop it" as well as fetching and retrieving his toys. I just can't get over how fast he catches on to things. He was fully house trained within a week of getting him and now sits at the door and waits for us to let him out when he has to go to the bathroom. I am sure all of the above has a lot to do with the first 8 weeks of his life he spent with you and all the other dogs. When I take him for walks people say they can't get over how unique looking he is and always say "wow...I have never seen a black goldendoodle before". I also brought him into work for a bit on one of my days off and the residents are OBSESSED with him! He is going to be an amazing Therapy Dog Diane! He has the perfect personality for it and not to mention....he is the BIGGEST SUCK EVER!! haha I love it! :D Thanks again Diane! Greg and I could not be happier! :D

Megan, Greg and Harvey
Just wanted to send a quick email to tell you that Harvey went for his first day of work with me as a Therapy Dog today and LOVED every minute of it! He was sooo good with all the residents and they were sad to see him go home. He is going to make such an awesome Therapy Dog! Also Greg and I taught him how to shake a paw, give a high five and roll over the other day and it took us not even a full day for him to pick up all three! He is sooo smart! haha. We just love him more than anything!
Just though I would email you to tell you all the good news!
Thanks again Diane.

"The experience of getting a puppy from Diane was wonderful from beginning to the present. I can't say "from beginning to end" because we still correspond sending pictures and updates. She feels like family to us.

Not only is Diane very professional, she is personable. It is obvious that Diane and her family love the puppies and spend a lot of time with them. When we picked up our "Brie" at 8 weeks she was almost completely house broken due to Diane's work with her. We followed Diane's advice and Brie's training

was finished in a week. Diane is so warm that you forget that you are only one of several families getting a puppy. She made us feel very special.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that we LOVE our puppy, Brie!!!! "

Sydney and Colin


Below is Brie with a haircut

Hi Diane: 

I just thought I share some of the graduation photos of the girls. They graduated doggie school this evening. They sat really nicely for both black and white grad caps.

They are so smart and the trainer was so pleased with them. And when we did our testing they did it at the same time. They do everything together, they love each other so much. We are so lucky getting our dogs from you. You can see how smart they are, and beautiful of course.  Thanks again Diane for our beautiful well behaved dogs!


Hi Diane,
Most of the photos were taken after one of our nice walks through the fields behind my house so she's a little on the scruffy side.... although, considering how often we play in the lake or in the fields, she's often on the scruffy side!
Sadie is the best dog. She has been the happiest dog since day one - training was easy (!), she is loyal, loving, friendly, and is so much fun to have around. She goes everywhere with me. People remark on her wonderful personality, her excellent temperament, and her interesting colour. Thank you for taking the time to choose such excellent breeding stock, to introduce the puppies to different environments, and to start training from the very beginning - the end result is a dog who is intelligent, friendly, loving, easy going, and easy to train. I love the fact that the pups are raised in your home with your family. I will continue to recommended you to anyone I meet who is interested in a Golden Doodle.
Take care and thanks again,

It was with great thought and care that we made the decision to add a Goldendoodle to our family. After a great deal of research we came to the conclusion that “Goldendoodles of Niagara” was the source for us!

Diane welcomed us into her home and we gratefully tracked the development of the eleven puppies in Sadie’s litter. It was an exciting and heart warming experience as we waited in anticipation of taking one of them home with us. Jack seemed relaxed, eager to please, and happy to be part of his new pack! He has trained easily, and at 13 weeks is already following simple commands such as sit, stay, come, leave it, and out! He is a calm and loving dog.

We attribute this behaviour not to good luck, but to the exceptional care and skill provided in his first eight weeks of life. Diane helped foster the healthy development of our puppy! It is because of her knowledge and skill that we are able to build on a strong foundation and watch him develop into a wonderful family pet.

We highly recommend “Goldendoodles of Niagara” and would like to thank Diane for her loving and nurturing skill in raising Jack!


Lynn,Jon, Becky, Lyndsay and Nick

Since we adopted Dexter, my life, all of our lives, have been so much better. He seems to know when I am having a bad pain day and he comes to me when I am lying down with a look of concern. He will put his paw up on me and give me a kiss. Then he will jump up on the couch and lie beside me. When we go outside and play I see how happy he is and it is contagious. We take him everywhere we go whenever we can. He is such a big part of our family already. He brings more joy to us than I ever imagined. He is easy to train and just wants to please us. He will give us a “high five”, he sits, he lies down, he comes when we call him (usually) and he just prances around when we play. He’s such a happy guy. I swear sometimes he even smiles. He has made such a huge difference in our lives and I thank you for him

Linda Sergenese and Family

Hi Diane:
Just writing to give you an update on our Bobby! He is the sweetest, smartest puppy ever! He is very affectionate and playful with everyone, especially other puppies LOL! He is our 'party dog'! Everyone he meets falls in love at first sight just as we did!
He is 6 months old in this photo, but now at 8 months he is noticeably taller and more filled out. He's loving the TLC dog food and doggie treats! We use the broken up bones for training rewards and he does not disappoint. He's such a quick learner! We are finishing Obedience Level 1 with Swansea Dog School next week and will be continuing with more training.
Thanks again for being such a great breeder and giving Bobby a wonderful start!
Michelle and Johan

My first Phoebe e-mail at 8 1/2 weeks old:

I do believe we have a potty trained dog. No mistakes today so far. Took four days. Today, she slept until 7:20 am. She had been gettingup at 6:15. She is a calm wee soul and a wonderful addition to our family. My Second Progress Report:


I'm so excited. I put the bells on my outside door handle
and I would shake them whenever I called Phoebe to go outside as you instructed. A few minutes ago she rang the bells, very firmly. We went outside and she went number 2 ... at 9 weeks. She is amazing, isn't she? My most recent e-mail ... October 12, 2011 ... 1 year old She is loving and kind and very gentle. We are able to take her outside without a lead now. She mixes well with other dogs without aggression. She still uses the bells to go outside - great since it makes it easier to let her out ... and she shakes a paw. She really does pick things up very easily. We have fallen deeply in love with Phoebe and her companionship is of great comfort to us. She has won our hearts.
The Goertz Family

We feel very fortunate that we got our beautiful goldendoodle puppy from Diane. From the moment we arrived at her beautiful home, and were very warmly greeted by her, we knew that she was the breeder for us. The environment that the puppies are raised in is like no other. We were so happy to see the puppies in a beautiful sun-lit room surrounded by loving care. Being a little anxious as first-time puppy owners, Diane was so fantastic that our worries very soon disappeared. She welcomed us to visit the puppies on numerous occasions, gave us many tips to be successful dog owners, and even gave us a schedule for our puppy which has resulted in a very quickly housetrained pup. Diane is there for you whenever you need her, and we know that our relationship with her will last a lifetime. Not only have we gotten a wonderful addition to our family, but a lifelong friend in Diane as well. We would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle puppy! We love our Jackson so much and know that his kind temperament has a lot to do with Diane and his first 8 weeks at Goldendoodles of Niagara.

Jessica and Frank Cesario

Hi Diane,
Here is one of my favourite pictures of Molly. She is doing awesome and fits right in with our family. Molly is gentle, lovable and great with our boys. She loves being outside, especially in the snow, and going for walks and car rides. Ryan and I were amazed at how quickly she was house trained, mostly in thanks to all of the work you did with her before we got her. Molly is very obediant and smart, and can sit, lay down and stop on command, which she learned within the first few weeks we had her. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we can't thank you enough for all of the hard work and loving care you provided her in the first 8 weeks of her life.

Take Care,

Stacey and Ryan Keene

Diane, I am pretty sure Sadie is the smartest puppy ever.....not one SINGLE accident. She cries when she has to go to the bathroom and we take her out. She is a good listener, and slept in her crate from 12:45-6:15 this morning. A little crying last night, be we just stuck to it and didn't let her out of the crate, and she slept! What a good girl. I am just so amazed at the difference between her and Sammy as pups, like night and day. We can so tell the difference, and it has made the transition so much easier. We even took her for a walk around the block yesterday on leash, and she did awesome!
I promise I won't be sending daily updates anymore, but we are just so tickled with how great she has been. Thought for sure we would be up all night going to the bathroom and us listening to whining, and we didn't have any of that. Happy parents, and a happy puppy!

Thanks again,
-Kim and Curtis

Hey Diane,

Did I ever tell you how much we love Sadie! I don't know what we would do without her, she is such a sweetheart! We love her to pieces, and she has changed our lives with her cuddles and loving. Thanks again so much!!! :)

-Curtis, Kim & Sadie Reke

Hi Diane

Piper wanted to wish all of her siblings a Happy First Birthday!!!!

This past year has been so special to us since Piper has come into our home! She is such a joy to have around at all times. We couldn't imagine time without her anymore. She is such an obedient puppy, who loves loves loves to play outside as much as she can. Again, we thank you for allowing us to adopt her from you. 

Erin and Levi Smith

Arthur is doing great! He went into his crate last night just before 11 and not a peep until 5:55, I took him outside and brought him back and he went back to sleep on the rug beside my bed until 7:30. He knows his name when he is called. Lots of visitors have come to see him and he snuggles up with everyone


Second update:

Arthur is doing well. I have signed him up for school. This week I went to get all the rules and regulations. Arthur will go with me next Tuesday. We are going to Dave McMahon’s dog academy. Some people I work with have taken their dogs there and were quite successful. I spoke to Dave myself and he said the golden doodles do quite well, much better than the Labradoodles. Arthur had his vet appointment last weekend, the vet could not believe how relaxed he was, not a flinch during the examination or needle. He said I was very lucky to have a puppy with such a great temperament. Arthur is doing well in his crate during the day, he enjoys his morning and afternoon visits.

Hi Diane:
This darling canine has enriched our lives and shown us that unconditional love only dogs can.
My vet said yesterday that she is the calmest puppy that she has ever examined. Diane, she just stands or sits on the table and lets the vet do anything to her without moving. She is learning so quickly at McCann's training course! We are amazed! We did the puppy head start programme and soon will start grade one. Angel can't get enough loving, she just stands close and absorbs every ounce of love we can give her. My granddaughter Heather is totally smitten, and is wondering what she will do in September when she returns to her home for school.
Thank you Diane for being such an outstanding breeder, you gave Angel the start she needed. I thought you might like to see her picture. She is now 21 pounds and growing so quickly. I look forward to many years of doggie love and affection.
Update August 6, 2011
Angel is the very centre of my life, don't know how I survived without her before. She is so gentle and loving and very smart too. Last night I said "it's time for bed" and she walked into her crate and laid down. WOW huh??? When I tell her to drop something, she does, especially her ball. And she's not even five months yet. Everyone loves her. Thanks so much Diane.


Ella, Chloe, Shawn and I are loving her to piece and she has stolen the hearts of many in our neighbourhood.  She is a good girl!!
She is sleeping well through the night and during the day,  Ella or myself are home at lunch to let her out for a little potty.  That's it in a nutshell.  She is PERFECT!
Talk to you soon!!

Hi Diane:

I just wanted to let you in on an experience we had today. I sent Norman to a new groomer as his other one moved away. When I picked him up she said he was "the best doodle she had ever groomed" and asked if he came from a family of service dogs cause of how well behaved and gentle he was! She said she grooms doodles every day and that she has never met one as good as Norman! She also said his coat was so beautiful and so well brushed she couldn't believe he didn't have any mattes (we brush him all the time). I told her that you were an excellent breeder!  He is he most happy and loving puppy and that's a true testament to his first couple months of life. So thank you!!! Ps he is about 48 lbs right now. But very lean and lanky like his mama! Oh and last thing: he was an absolute dream at our wedding the other weekend!!he was so well behaved and walked up and back down the aisle like a champ!! Haha

Krista and Brett in Winnipeg


Rosie is just a wonderful puppy with such a pleasing personality. She's a very smart puppy and was soon house-trained and continues to learn good behavour. At just over four months old, we no longer need to use the crate at night. Even during the day, if I have to leave for a few hours, I can trust Rosie to be alone in the house without having to crate her. She is doing well in her puppy classes, but is still learning how to get along with our cat.

As you can see from her picture, Rosie is just about the cutest puppy ever. She is very friendly and loves to meet new people and other dogs. Everyone remarks about how cute and fluffy she is. Her hair seems to be growing in darker on her back and a bit curlier, so she will look a little different after her first haircut. Rosie is a very happy pup who loves to play fetch and to splash in her little pool. We are surprised at how fast she is growing.

Rosie has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are loving her more each day. I'm so glad that I found your website as I can't imagine a better place for Rosie to begin her life than in your home. We were so impressed with the loving care that you provide for your dogs and their puppies. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a caring and responsible breeder of goldendoodles. 

Louise and Barry Ens

Rosie is a little doll!! We've had her home now for 5 full days and only 2 accidents in that time. She sleeps beside Holly's bed on a little mat and doesn't get up at night. She really is a dream puppy. It was SO FUNNY, Diane, we were at the vets yesterday and a Jack Russell Terrier pup comes in with a couple......the pup was a little nut and was literally bouncing off the walls. The wife looks at her husband after seeing Rosie and says, "Oh look, they got the calm puppy.".
Whenever I'm in the kitchen she has to be lying on my feet...or the feet of whomever is in the kitchen. I've attached a pic of her with our cat. They've already become fast friends..he's a Sphynx so is always looking for warmth......Rosie's his latest hot water bottle.
I'll keep you posted, Diane, we're having so much fun with her! :)

Hi there,
I must add that not only is she such a good girl and adorable, but she's super smart too! If you can believe it, today she rang the bell on our door and whined to go out twice and she's only 8.5 weeks old!! I'm so impressed!
Hi Diane,

I can't believe it's been a whole year since we were waiting and watching your website for news of Chelsea and Jack's litter. It's been an amazing year and we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you for providing us with the most amazing, beautiful, obedient and loyal friend. She's also fantastic with little kids......I never have to worry about how she may react....she's so predictable! 
Rosie is fairly short with a long body. She is super solid and as strong as a bull. She weighs 30 pounds and has a pinkish/brown nose. Her beautiful red coat is completely non-shedding. She also has the LONGEST eyelashes I've ever seen! I can't help but think of her litter mates and wonder how they're getting along. I'm sure they're equally as amazing as her!
I think of you often with lots of fondness, Diane, the whole process was such a rewarding one. I'd love to do it all over again....I'm afraid to tempt fate, though! How could I get another dog as amazing as Rosie! The one thing I forgot to tell you about her is that she RARELY barks. She's our dream dog. :)

Thank you again, 

Hi Diane,

Everything has been "perfect with her"! She has been just
adorable and easy to train and care for. She is a very social puppy with children
and any other dogs and adapts to changes quickly. She is very much a family dog
and she has become the "QUEEN" of our castle. On our first visit to the
vet, the vet was very impressed with her health, how clean she was and that we came so prepared with all the paper work you had prepared for us. He said we could not have gotten her from a better breeder.

Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family!!!! 

Sandi and Don Ball

Hi Diane,
Just wanted to send some updated pic's of Mitchell & Tucker, she is now 28.6 lbs and doing great. "She's the Best"
Wishing you and your family and safe and happy holiday.

Hi Diane:

This was taken last week at the cottage. I did get him a summer hair cut a few weeks ago - he is more wavy usually. He loves the cottage - he gets to roam free and lay in the water!
He can swim - but gets a little lazy with his back end - so I got him a life jacket!
Cooper is very smart.....he will be finishing up intermediate at dog training.

He loves to play fetch....especially if he can catch it in mid-air!

We love him to pieces (I consider him my new boyfriend) .....sometimes wish we would have gotten 2!

Becky and Jim Kyle & Cooper!


We have had an eventful time since Calli came home. Everybody was tired from being so busy because we had our grandchildren for four days.

Calli has her favourite naptime spot on the bottom shelf of the end table as well as under Jasmine’s exersaucer. She’s such a great pal to Holly (our lab) and our grandson Connor. I don’t have a picture of them together because they run so fast, it’s a blur! Lol . Most of the pictures of Calli and Holly are a blur too, but here is one of them playing tug with an unstuffed crab. The crab claws soon disappeared into the garbage. Lol They had so much fun running that Holly’s back legs got swollen and sore. We have to be careful and not let her play too hard.

She fits in so well and has been so good. She is almost trained and is such a good girl when I go out for a little while. She is very smart and knows: sit, come, go pee, go poo, go outside, and of course her name. I thought Dave might have her trained in no time to sleep in bed but she sleeps right beside me on the floor.

Love from all of us Johnson’s.


Hi Diane,

We just wanted to take this opportunity to send our sincerest thanks for bringing Casey into our lives. From the first time we met you (and Sadie), we knew that our puppy was going to come from your (extended) family. Up to that point, we had been to a number of facilities in South Western Ontario but we knew that when we saw how you treated your pets, it became obvious that Casey would be brought into this world in the most loving environment possible.

The whole process of choosing and adopting Casey was so pleasurable and easy. You really did make us feel like a friend of the family and we truly appreciate the help and advice you gave us in selecting the appropriate puppy for our family, especially given we had to make a sudden and unexpected trip overseas when it came time to select Casey. Since we could not come on picking day, we were a little apprehensive, but your patience and willingness to send pictures, talk to us over the phone and your prompt replies to our emails really did put us at ease. We now know that you could not have suggested a better match for us.

Casey has adapted so well to her new home and has bonded tremendously with our six year old daughter Mia. You should see her tail wag when she sees Mia get off the school bus everyday. I'm not sure who's happier to see who. She has been an absolute angel with Mia and her friends, and so far there has been no nipping or aggression of any sort whatsoever, despite meeting so many new friends. This is such a contrast from some other puppies we have seen at the same age. Casey was about 80 % housetrained thanks to your efforts. She now sleeps through the night in her crate without incident but is so happy to see us in the morning. She has almost mastered the "sit" command (even without having to give her treats). I take her out for her morning walk first thing and when we get back, she waits patiently at the bottom of the stairs for Mia to come down. Once she does, the tail starts wagging and she immediately starts to pour on the affection, which is mutual :)
Once again, we did want to thank you for working with us and allowing Casey to become a member of our family.

Gurpreet, Anita & Mia Bhatia

Hello Diane,

Many times I have thought that I should send an email to let you know that Zazz is doing great! 
We often call him Saint Zazz because he has been /is such a good puppy. We live near the beach and he slowly took a liking to being in the water - other dogs convinced him that it was a great thing to do.

He began kayaking almost right away. He usually wears a life jacket unless the water is particularly shallow. The jacket really was just so we could lift him up when he decided to jump in for a swim.
He brings joy into our lives as he is such a clown. :-)

I continue to watch your site to see what else is going on. Doodles are just awesome.

I wish you a happy holiday season,


Hi Diane!

We bought a puppy from you about 2 years ago and just wanted to let you know he is awesome!

He's loving life in Florida and everywhere we go people tell us how beautiful he is and ask us what kind of breed.
He really has the best personality, never barks, loves other dogs and everyone he meets. He just walks up and puts his head in your lap. haha I love him!


Hi Diane,

Sandi is such a sweet loveable dog and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She loves
the water and had the best time this summer spending her time either in the
lake at the cottage or in the pool in the back yard. She is so smart and she
listens very well. She can be very calm when she needs to be and also can
play to her fullest with the kids.

Everyone who asks where we got her from
we tell them about you and your wonderful dogs and what a great experience
it was and how we would definitely recommend you as a Goldendoodle breeder.
I see a lot of her Dad Bailey in her face and she is a really nice size.

Again we are really pleased that we got our Sandi from you and we will keep
in touch and let you know how she is doing.

The Skrypetz Family

Hi Diane,
Just thought i'd send some pics of Scruffy.. He is just such a fine boy and doing well.
The family is enjoying him. He is about 18 - 19 pounds now..
Our home back's on to an elementary school.. and at recess.. I let Scruffy out in the Backyard.. and he is an instant celebrity with the kids calling him and watching him thru the wire fence.. In fact the other day I visited the school.. and I noticed some of the kids had artwork with a dog named Scruffy drawn..and posted on the classroom board.
Will keep you posted.
Cheers/ Selvin

Hi Diane,

I thought you might like to see our picture from our Puppy Kindergarten training program. We passed our exam last Sunday.

Winston has been such a wonderful addition to our family. I had no idea I could love a dog this much. He's the best!

Take care...

I see from your website that you have your hands full. Very tempting!