Daisy will be breeding with Jack in Feb of 2020.  The pups should be ready to go in June or July.  (Best Guess at this point)  They will be Mini/Mediums in the 35 pound range.    This will be their first litter together.  See the Daisy pups tab to see the previous Daisy litters.  

Order of Deposit:  Taking 2 more deposits on this litter

The Cheung Family -

The Fallone Family -

The Travolo Family -

The Chi Family -

This list if for the litter after the current one:

The Del Duca Family -


Penny and Jack Tanner will be breeding again in March of 2020.  Pups should be ready to go in July/August.  They have Mini/Mediums in the 35 pound range. See her previous puppies on the Penny's Puppies Tab.   

Order of Deposit - Taking 3 more deposits on this litter

The Thom Family

The Gall Family

The Scaglione Family

The Glibota Family

The Mahoney/Culpeper Family   


Winnie will be breeding her last litter with Jack Tanner.  They will have Mediums in the 40 pound range.  She will be breeding in March of 2020.  The pups should be ready to go in July or August.  Her current litter is on the Available Puppies Tab. 

Order of Deposit:  This litter is open for deposits

 Wuori Family

 Erskine Family

 Fratianni Family


Julee will be breeding on her next heat in Nov 2019.  They should be ready to go in March 2020.  I will update when she comes into heat.   They will be mediums in the 40 pound range.  


Order of Deposit: There is one more spot available on this litter.  


The Hartwig/Steven Family

The Evans Family

The Finjan Family

The Smith Family

The Audet Family

The Murray Family

This is the list for the next Julee/Jack Tanner litter for Fall of 2020

The Candeloro Family 






Willow is in Heat!  She will be be breeding on Nov 18 and 20.  They should be born on Jan 19.  Selection day should be Feb 29 and they should be ready to go on March 15.  I believe this is the March Break.  They will be having mini Goldendoodles in the 23 pound range.  This will be their first litter together.  

Order of Deposit: This litter is now full until we see how many she has.  Please check back. 


The Park Family -

The Thompson Family -

The McNamee Family -

The Ludwin Family -

The Stephens Family -

This is the Order of Deposit for the Willow/Jack litter of 2020.  It will also serve as the waiting list for the current litter if there are extra puppies:

The Saganski/Malivoire Family -