General Waiting List for all Litters

There are no available puppies at the moment.


I have stopped taking deposits and applications until I have confirmed pregnancies by ultrasound.   

I will also not be able to contact you when the list opens up.  There would just be too many inquiries to contact. 

You will have to watch the up and coming litters tab and I will update when a dog is having an ultrasound, when there will be puppies or if a mom had more puppies than was expected.  

Understand that I do not breed puppy mill style.  I have been breeding for 12+ years now.  I am a small home breeder.  Mini's have small litters generally, so there are not a lot of puppies available.  

I cannot tell you when I will have available puppies.  That will depend on when the mamma comes into heat and if she in fact becomes pregnant.  I have given my best guesses of timing in the Up and Coming Litters Tab.  I will find the best homes for my puppies.  I do that research when I have puppies available.  It will not be first come first served necessarily.  I will choose the best families for the pups.   


I will also not be breeding any dogs that come into heat from  Feb 1 - July 15, 2021.  This will allow me to spend the summer at our cottage with the family. 


List priority is always given to previous clients.  These are the only deposits I will be taking at this time.       


Order of families on the general waiting list:                    


Del Duca                 Medium

Olsen                       Mini 

Posen                      Medium          

Barkman                 Medium - previous client

Auciello                   Medium - previous client

Pacey                      Medium - previous client

Schilthuis                 Medium - previous client

Kellestine                Mini/Med - previous client